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Aadita -- Behind the story

You know what's creepy? Writing about curses and feeling like the curse may have come true in reality.

Aadita is a complex novel, one that was written during a dark period and some of it definitely seeped in. A death in the family had made me realize how fragile life can be and everyone I know could leave me. It was scary for me, and I grew disturbed.

Of course, something else was also going on at that point. Something a little personal. In spite of the precautions I had taken, some of those grievances seeped into the story as well.

I can't decide whose character was more difficult to write. Raina had her own problems - being bullied at school and neglected by her family.
Aadita was someone who was suppressed.
These two characters just wanted to be loved. That's what was common between them.

Their struggles to cope and survive in the world was taking a toll on them.

Now, what would you do if there was a way to protect someone could face the same dire circumstances you have?

That, …

A Waterfall of Love---Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day encompasses romance for all ages. People go out of their way to show their affection for the one they love with flowers, candy, perhaps a special meal. Just how did this day come to be?

Valentine’s Day can be traced back to the third century, when Emperor Claudius III of Rom decided young men made better soldiers than those with wives and families to care for. Valentine, a young man who preached the word, felt this was injustice at its worst. He defied the emperor and secretly performed marriages for young lovers in secret. Once his actions were discovered, the emperor ordered he be put to death. Today, we honor his memory by celebrating romance with the one we love. To honor St. Valentine, Solstice Publishing presents Cupid’s Arrow Vol. 2, a collection of tales of love.

An essence of bliss makes everything delicious.

Her last word before kissing him was, “Hush.”

Never say never...

She's not your grandmother's matchmaker.

Separated by the winds of war

They meet time af…

An ominous warning-- Forest of the Dark

“You’re not my mother,”She managed through numb lips. The energy had been zapped out of her limbs again and she was standing only because she was incapable of any other movement. “No, but I can give you a mother’s love,”The old woman said sadly. “I used to have children, two of them. A son and a daughter. I loved them so much.” “Wh-what happened to them?” Maya asked. “They wanted to leave me.” Her tone had changed though it still sounded like her mother’s voice. She turned so that she was now standing face to face with her.“So I killed them.” Maya felt a cold shiver run down her chest to her stomach. The woman’s eyes were no longer kind. It had darkened into a well of madness and a wide grin appeared on her face. Maya gasped and stepped back, but still couldn’t make herself escape this place. The old woman raised one pointed finger up at the sky. “Until I don’t bring their souls back with me. they won’t let me in.” “Who won’t let you in?” “They.” The old woman tilted her head, her silve…

Still/Born-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

I have often wondered why is it that in a horror movie, building family drama is given more importance over providing adequate scares.
While watching Still/Born, it finally hit me from the very first scene.
It's because real life is far scarier than any ghost or demon.
You could do everything right- plan everything ahead, push yourself out of bed every morning and strive to work and persist, nevertheless, you would still end up losing if it is written in your destiny.
A battle with destiny can never be won.
It is this bleak message that I felt was the key element of this movie.
A mother was supposed to give birth to twin boys. A joyous occasion, right? But nope, one of them. Is stillborn.
She goes into depression but still pushes herself to stay happy for the sake of her living son and husband. She even takes her medications and goes to therapy. Does that work for her? Nope.
She does whatever it takes to save her son, goes crazy in the process, is ready to fight a demonic figure. Does she…

Curse of the Witch's Doll--My take on the movie with spoilers!

Nothing is sacred anymore. The toys we played with when we were children are no longer made only of plastic. Their painted faces that depict cuteness and innocence are now to be interpreted as masks that hide cruel and violent intentions.
The dolls were supposed to be the first friend a girl has but contemporary movie makers have become keen to tarnish that little sense of companionship and security too.
First, there was Chucky, then Annabelle and Robert the doll.
Dolls are now officially creepy. Find one in your new home? Burn it right away.
The Curse of the Witch's Doll can best be described as a movie made up of let's say, four acts.
The first one is brief. A creepy doll is shown, a witch's hand upon it, cursing it. We hardly get a glimpse of the face as the woman is taken away presumably to be burned.
Years later, during the war times, we are introduced to a mother and daughter walking down the woods to their new home.
What happened to the father? The reason showed us ambiguo…

Horror Night


Raina Winters was being bullied at school. On top of everything, she was being neglected by her family and punished by her Uncle who seems determined to reform her. It is when she finds an old photograph of a girl, that Raina discovers that her family has been hiding a terrible secret. But unraveling the mystery won’t be easy, especially since the ghost of the girl seems intent on hurting her.

Raina must unravel the mystery before she becomes the next victim of the family curse.
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